HypeBuzz is an online marketplace where brands and influencers in Africa meet to work on marketing campaigns and promotions.

For brands we provide a fast, simple and affordable way to find and hire influencers. Through the HypeBuzz platform influencers can find regular paid sponsorships.

Our Story

In 2016 we started an influencer management agency in Nigeria, we were one of the first on the scene. Working with some of the best creators and influencers, supporting them in growing audience, building brand and monetizing content.

In 2017 we expanded to an influencer marketing agency, with the goal of helping brands (big and small) harness the power of influencers, and generate real ROI.

In a few years we were running hundreds of influencer marketing campaigns and paying out millions of Naira to influencers [with no technology]. The road hasn't been all smooth though, we’ve had some bumps along the way, but we’ve learned a tremendous amount.

We’ve taken all our learnings as influencer managers and brand marketers and put them into the hype.buzz platform. We are passionate about the influencer marketing space in Africa and the community that has formed. Our goal is to help brands and influencers connect easily, to facilitate the creation of awesome content and advertainment that entertains digital audiences, but also generates ROI for businesses.

At HypeBuzz we believe in the creation and maximization of opportunities! It’s a theme that runs through everything we do. We strive to make our work culture flexible, enjoyable and fulfilling. We’re always looking for people who embrace difficult challenges, approach work with humility and are able to turn complexity to simplicity. We’re a vibrant team with bright ideas, check out our careers page for current opportunities.